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Physiotherapy is a discipline that aims for optimal functional recovery of the person following an injury, illness or accident.
Sylvie Leduc, pht
Sylvie Leduc, phtPhysiothérapeute
Sylvie Leduc, pht
Sylvie Leduc, phtPhysiothérapeute
- Titulaire d’un baccalauréat en physiothérapie de l’Université McGill
- Membre de l’Ordre Professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ)
- Formation en rééducation périnéale et pelvienne


Neuromusculoskeletal pathologies such as neurological, muscular, joint (ligament, capsular, etc.) and postural disorders are treated in physiotherapy.

The physiotherapist uses a variety of manual techniques including joint mobilization, friction, myofascial release and muscle relaxation. In addition, he uses electrotherapeutic techniques including ultrasound, TENS, interferential current and neuromuscular stimulation, as well as thermal techniques such as ice and heat. Finally, taping techniques are also used.

The aim of all these techniques is to develop, restore, maintain or increase the physical function of the individual. The prescription of specific exercises adapted to each condition is essential to increase the autonomy of the individual in his condition and thus optimize the effect of treatments. Whether the injury is chronic or acute, you will receive treatment in physiotherapy. All our therapists belong to the Professional Order of Physiotherapy of Quebec (OPPQ).

Also available:

• Evaluation for adapted transportation.
• Evaluation for parking sticker for handicapped persons.

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