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The EQUILIBRUM orthotics-prosthesis laboratory is a center specializing in the study of foot and the analysis of the walk.

Product Technology

Our products only include thermoformable materials, without any prefabricated material. The manufacturing is custom made in a laboratory accredited by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS).

Composition of sport molded foot orthoses 

  • Cover : Absorbent and thermoformable thus naturally adjusting to the foot.
  • Intermediate :Correction elements - Propulsion - Stabilization and absorption inserted in the heel.
  • Base : Alignment and desired correction angles.

Molded Plantar Orthoses

Thin and delicate orthoses for city shoes. They are composed of acrylic and synthetic fibers superimposed, creating an orthosis with a small thickness and a high rigidity so a good support. The base is covered with a very thin layer of silicone that makes the orthosis non-slip and indestructible to water or perspiration.

Biomechanical evaluation

It takes place on a treadmill, assisted by digital imaging allowing a more in-depth analysis of gait and posture. This is included in the overall assessment.

This young Quebec company is operated by two orthotists with more than 22 years of clinical experience and continues to offer its clients a professional service and the most efficient products in the industry.

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