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His intervention aims to restore the functionality of the structures and systems of the human body in order to optimize its self-regulation capacity.
Nhien Le, I.O.
Nhien Le, I.O.Ostéopathe
Nhien Le, I.O.
Nhien Le, I.O.Ostéopathe
- Étudiante au 2e cycle en Ostéopathie au Collège d'Études Ostéopathiques (CEO) de Montréal
- Titulaire d'un baccalauréat en Ostéopathie de l'Université de Wales
- Titulaire d'un baccalauréat en Sciences Biomédicales de l'Université de Montréal
- Membre d'Ostéopathie Québec

Osteopathy is a manual approach that consists of considering the person as a whole to prevent and relieve several discomforts felt in the person.

This practice is based on in-depth knowledge of the health sciences and interactions specific to the balance of the body. Thanks to a fine and precise palpation, a complete and global evaluation makes it possible to investigate the cause of neuromusculoskeletal, visceral and cranial dysfunctions. Each osteopathic treatment is specific and individualized.

Osteopathy aims to prevent and improve the quality of life in people with discomforts in the neck, head, back, stomach, difficulty sleeping, etc.


Osteopathic treatments can also complement your current treatments; talk to your therapist.

Traited conditions

- Decreases stress and anxiety
- Increases the energy level
- Digestion problems
- Headaches / migraines
- Sleeping troubles
- Muscle tensions
- Musculoskeletal pain
- Joint stiffness
- Circulatory problems

Who is Osteopathy for?

To anyone wishing to take care of himself, as much for adults, pregnant women or children.

Osteopathic care can also complement your current treatments; talk to your therapist.

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